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Private Parties

Family Style Service  

Allow your guests to serve themselves and pick and choose what they want to eat. We’re preparing high quality dishes and making your event delicious, stress free and convenient.

Full Service Party 

Our chef will prepare and cook all the dishes at your location. We’ll have the appetizer ready soon as your guests arrive. Next, your guests will be offered a delicious seasonal salad and the main entree will be served family style at your table. While you and your guests are enjoying the meal our chef will pick up and leave the kitchen like nothing happened.

We understand every party is unique and your needs will be unique as well. We have no problem catering a service specifically for you. That means you can add any extra requests to the menu; for example, ​you may want to substitute a dessert instead of an appetizer or have both. Prices for all menu’s are customized and subject to change based on each personalized meal plan.

Send us an email to request more info.

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