lower the stress during cooking With these simple tips and make your experience be more enjoyable.

Optimize your cooking experience

Busy chef at work in the restaurant kitchen

Hi there! Welcome to Wild Ginger Personal Chef and today I will give you three kitchen strategies to lower the stress of cooking. With these simple tricks I guarantee your cooking experience be more enjoyable. The key is to make sure you make these tips part your cooking routine.

1. Read the full recipe before you begin.

Going through magazines and cookbooks to find recipes is simple, and even fun because of the many options of meals and the yummy looking pictures. We easily pick what we want to prepare however, the most important step after we have a picked the recipe is actually reading through it from start to finish. This will save you a significant amount of time because you will know ahead of time all the ingredients, tools, cooking techniques that you will be using. There are always items that need to be marinated, blanched, and preheated etcetera and it will be much easier to prepare for this rather than reacting to it during the process.

2. “Mise en Place” (a French culinary term that literately mean “put in place”)

In this step you will get everything that you need for meal preparation together. This includes equipment such as pots, pans, utensils and measuring tools. Also it is good to prepare the ingredients and have them measured out; you may need to chop, mince, ingredients, so do this first. This part is very crucial to making your cooking time go smoother and the good thing about is that you can do it as early as you want and have all the prepped ingredients in small containers ready to go for the cooking time. Tossing in all these pre-prepared ingredients into the pan as you go along is sure to make you feel like a culinary pro!

3. Clean as you go

I know this may sound silly but this is a big one. After eating all anyone wants to do is relax with full and happy belly. I strongly believe that cleaning up after to cooking is one of the main reasons we sometimes decide not to cook. In other words, we just don’t want to cook dinner and then have a messy kitchen to clean afterwards. The mistake is leaving all those dirty dishes for the end. Let me tell you DON’T have to have a mountain of dishes at the end of the meal. A way you can keep this under control is by having an empty dishwasher before starting and fill one side of your kitchen sink up with soapy water; now every time you finish with a dish, just take an extra second to rinse it in the soapy water and place it in the dishwasher. Trust me if you follow these 3 tips when you finish cooking you will have a delicious meal on the table, you’re going to feel like a Master Chef and when you get back to the kitchen you won’t have the dish mountain waiting on you! ENJOY!

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