My Visit to Calgary Canada & Food Experience

Hello Everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to write a blog, so this a great opportunity to share some of the exciting things that have been happening here.IMG_3402

A few weeks ago I got an amazing cooking opportunity from Women Chefs & Restaurateurs WCR to go to Calgary for 7 days and work with some amazing chefs in the kitchen at River Cafe in Calgary, Canada. River Cafe is one of the top 30 restaurants in the whole country so let’s just say this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. First of all, I was so excited when I found out I was selected for this cooking and learning opportunity but when I finally got there I quickly realized this was going to far surpass anything I could have imagined. In a such a short time, I was able to gain a wealth of professional and personal growth and after working alongside so many amazingly talented chefs, I feel more inspired and passionate about food than ever. In a week, I learned what a hyper-local restaurant was all about and how they use ingredients exclusively from their regions to create a creative and memorable menu highlighting wonderful Canadian dishes.

I really enjoyed working in this hyper-local style of restaurant, it was so cool to see them growing their own herbs and edible flowers all around the restaurant. I got the chance to experience a little bit of everything while I was there including working in the prep area, the bakery, I plated dishes on the line and an even got to participate at an outdoor menu tasting event.  I definitely got exposure to different cooking techniques and food philosophies.  Perhaps one of the coolest benefits of working in River Cafe was that I had the opportunity to try some of their delicious dishes. Eating there is so exciting because every single dish in there was very creative by adding a unique twist to everything they do. This is not your typical place that just serves you an amazing meal it is also an all out sensory experience by including different textures, smells, and colors.

After my time at the restaurant was over I also got the chance to explore the city and visit Banff National Park. Banff is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the chance to visit. I lived in Colorado and got a chance to enjoy the beautiful Colorado Rockies for few years which are amazing in their own right but Banff is very different experience and a place that should be on any travelers bucket list.

Calgary was very cool although we only spent a day Downtown we had a lot of fun.


We spent 2 days in Banff and got the opportunity to do a few outdoor activities:

Horse Back Riding and Cowboy Dinner

2. We took the gondola up to the Sulfur Mountain:

3. We took a hike up the Castle Mountain; this was a half day trek. We hiked up the hill for few hours and the views were amazing. At the summit we stopped to have lunch with our great view before our way down.

4. We stayed at the Banff Springs Hotel, took in its beautiful views and explored the history of the beautiful hotel and of course we enjoyed the amenities like the heated pool which was one of our favorites especially after a long hike.

5. Last but not least we went to Lake Louise although it was an overcast day the views were still soo breathtaking!

During this trip we also had multiple chances to eat Poutine and plenty of elk burgers 🙂 I have to said this was one of my favorite food and travel destinations 🙂

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