Thai Iced Tea for The Summer Thirst

HELLO Summer!

Since summer has officially started, it’s been hot around here, BUT that’s all right because I started to see it as a great opportunity to go swimming a little more and make some more delicious summer drinks.

So today I want to share with you this delicious iced tea recipe that will refresh you during those hot days and at the same time will impress your family and friends.

Black tea leaves 

I normally use Tazo organic black tea and heavy cream in my recipe but you can go with half & half, sweet condensed milk, vanilla almond milk or coconut milk. 😉

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Buen Provecho,

Chef Daisy

Lavender and their Culinary benefits

This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Lavender Festival in Blanco, Texas for my birthday. It was like a dream come true 🙂 I got try lavender cookies paired with a glass of lavender lemonade, so refreshing. One of the vendors even offered a special cocktail drink made with lavender and of course it was delicious! I fell in love with lavender awhile ago, when my therapist recommended for me to use lavender spray as part of a calming exercise. I was going though a lot of anxiety, depression and insomnia at the time and since I always like to try the natural holistic options over medicine, it seemed like a good option.


So I started buying lavender essential oil spray and sprayed it on about anything in our home, like the bed before going to sleep, as a body spray after a shower etc. BUT WAIT THAT’S NOT ALL… what about using lavender in food?

Did someone said food? Of course, I’m a big big fan of coffee so now I make lavender latte about every morning. I also found using lavender in chicken or pork can make a tremendously delicious main course but don’t forget to pair it with a glass of lavender lemonade! For after dinner or anytime for those with a sweet tooth you must try lavender bread,  I absolutely love it and it would go great right along side a scoop of creamy honey lavender ice cream.

So what are the benefits of using culinary Lavender?


Relaxing effects

You may have heard that breathing in the smell of lavender makes you drowsy; turns out, it’s true. Research shows the scent lowers heart rate and blood pressure, putting you in a relaxed state.

But note: “Lavender himself  isn’t a game-changer unless you practice other sleep-promoting habits,” says Joseph Ojile, MD, founder of Clayton Sleep Institute in St. Louis. Start to avoid caffeine 10 hours before bed, keep gadgets silent, and turn in at the same time every night.

Bust bloating

Bloating and poor digestion can result from an overgrowth of “bad” bacteria (which can happen when you take antibiotics). “The polyphenols (a type of antioxidant) in lavender can help reduce the ‘bad’ bacteria in your gut,” says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, author of Doctor’s Detox Diet and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. For its de-puff perks, sprinkle dried culinary lavender onto Greek yogurt (also gut friendly).

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

There are a number of methods to use lavender to anxiety and stress. The natural organic compounds in the leaves and flowers of lavender can be ground between the fingers and then rubbed into the temples. This topical application can soothe the body and mind, relieving anxious thoughts and balancing out mood. Aside from this topical application of the flowers themselves, you can also brew lavender tea and achieve much the same effect. The antioxidant components of lavender can impact the endocrine system of the body to lower the levels of stress hormones in the body.

With all this been said now you have some reasons to incorporate a new herb to your diet and cooking routine. Start enjoying the awesome benefits of lavender in your life!

Bon appetite

Chef Daisy







Hiring a Personal Chef; A Way to Pamper Yourself!

Why to hire a chef?

As a mom and a wife, I love to keep everything under control; managing the house and taking care of my family. I think we all feel sometimes that we don’t have enough time to do everything and still have a little time or energy left for ourselves and our family. We all deserve a pedicure, manicure or perhaps a rejuvenating massage from time to time. What’s more, who doesn’t appreciate a clean house to come home to. So why is it when we decide to treat ourselves we start feeling anxious and guilty for doing so. Everyone needs help from time to time and how nice would it be if that help would add a great value to you and your family. How about help around the kitchen? What about pampering yourself so you don’t have worry about going to the grocery store, cooking or cleaning a messy kitchen after dinner.


It can be exhausting when the magazine recipe you choose calls for a countless number of different pots and pans and by the time you finish making that amazing meal you can hardly enjoy it knowing that you have a sink full of dirty dishes waiting for you. Once you make it back into the kitchen you are appalled to discover there are no more dishes in the cabinets because they are all in the sink and scattered about the counters. As a responsible Mom roll up your sleeves right away after dinner and win the kitchen cleaning war. Soon as the battle in the kitchen is over your realized it is bed time routine for the kids. Now your find yourself thinking, “where does the time go?” You feel you missed another night you should have been able to spend with the family. Worry no more Hire a Chef and pamper yourself and enjoy your free extra time with your family.

So what are the benefits of working with a personal chef?
  • A personal chef will work with you to create a menu based on you dietary needs and health goals.
  • You get to pick what you want to eat each day without having to plan it or shop for the ingredients.
  • The chef picks one day based on your schedule to go to your own kitchen and cook all your meals.
  • You get to know what exactly is going into your food and where it is prepared because all the magic will happen in your own kitchen.
  • After work you will return to a clean kitchen and fridge full of personalized meals just for you to enjoy.




Chef Daisy!

The Perfect Yellow Rice

Have you been making yellow rice from the box? just because it looks intimidating? well let me tell you, it’s very simple to make it at home. Yellow rice its the staples in a variety of cuisine including Spanish, Indian and Caribbean just to mention a few.

Today I want to share with you an easy way to make it. All you need its white rice, achiote (annatto seed) you can find annatto seeds in the Hispanic section the groceries store, turmeric, chicken broth or water. The recipe below serve 2 to 3 but you can double the recipe if you need more servings.


1 Cup of white rice2 Cups of chicken broth (or water)1 tsp of salt1-2 tsp of annatto seeds1-2 tsp turmeric2 tbsp. olive oil

simple right?

If you like to play with flavors you can also add cumin, garlic, chopped cilantro, onions be creative and experiment with flavor you love. The idea its to have fun and enjoy your food and the time you invest making it and I’m sure you will make a delicious rice :).

with love,

Chef Daisy.

Free Ingredients Substitution Download

Hello Happy Monday! I hope you have an amazing cooking week. 🙂

There’s been so many times when I was ready to make my favorite recipe and I had everything i needed to make it or at least I thought I did. There’s always one ingredient that is missing. 😦

Maybe it is baking powder or I didn’t have any molasses or, of course, I didn’t buy the buttermilk. Buttermilk is so easy mix a cup of milk with a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice and let it sit a room temperature. Besides buttermilk there’s always those little ingredients in our pantry that we pretend will NEVER run out. Don’t stress anymore; with this easy list you can easily substitute ingredients and still get the same final result in your recipe. Click here to download a copy Ingredients Substitution (1)