Hiring a Personal Chef; A Way to Pamper Yourself!

Why to hire a chef?

As a mom and a wife, I love to keep everything under control; managing the house and taking care of my family. I think we all feel sometimes that we don’t have enough time to do everything and still have a little time or energy left for ourselves and our family. We all deserve a pedicure, manicure or perhaps a rejuvenating massage from time to time. What’s more, who doesn’t appreciate a clean house to come home to. So why is it when we decide to treat ourselves we start feeling anxious and guilty for doing so. Everyone needs help from time to time and how nice would it be if that help would add a great value to you and your family. How about help around the kitchen? What about pampering yourself so you don’t have worry about going to the grocery store, cooking or cleaning a messy kitchen after dinner.


It can be exhausting when the magazine recipe you choose calls for a countless number of different pots and pans and by the time you finish making that amazing meal you can hardly enjoy it knowing that you have a sink full of dirty dishes waiting for you. Once you make it back into the kitchen you are appalled to discover there are no more dishes in the cabinets because they are all in the sink and scattered about the counters. As a responsible Mom roll up your sleeves right away after dinner and win the kitchen cleaning war. Soon as the battle in the kitchen is over your realized it is bed time routine for the kids. Now your find yourself thinking, “where does the time go?” You feel you missed another night you should have been able to spend with the family. Worry no more Hire a Chef and pamper yourself and enjoy your free extra time with your family.

So what are the benefits of working with a personal chef?
  • A personal chef will work with you to create a menu based on you dietary needs and health goals.
  • You get to pick what you want to eat each day without having to plan it or shop for the ingredients.
  • The chef picks one day based on your schedule to go to your own kitchen and cook all your meals.
  • You get to know what exactly is going into your food and where it is prepared because all the magic will happen in your own kitchen.
  • After work you will return to a clean kitchen and fridge full of personalized meals just for you to enjoy.




Chef Daisy!

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  1. I have been thinking about hiring a personal chef to help with meal prep but I’m not sure about it yet. I like that you mention how a personal chef can create a menu based on your diet. This sounds really helpful because I want to avoid having an allergic reaction to certain foods. Thanks for sharing!

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