I’m originally from Panama City, Panama. In 2008 I moved to North Carolina with my beloved husband and started my gastronomical journey in the Carolinas. It wasn’t long after moving to North Carolina that I fell in love with the culinary world. This passion is what led me to the Art Institute of Raleigh Durham where I earned a culinary degree.

As a Mom and wife, there was a season where I struggled to balance work, school and taking care of our home. Even though I loved cooking so much there were times that I was just so exhausted from the grind I barely had the energy to put great food on our table. I wanted to have more time for my family but I also didn’t want to sacrifice making delicious and healthy meals as a means to save time. So I started to think of what could be done to better this stressful situation.

I began to organize myself better by creating menu plans and schedules that freed me to only do grocery shopping two times a month; I applied the skills I gained in culinary school to make food prep faster and much easier. However, I realized it could still be very time consuming and over time I learned that we don’t have to be embarrassed to reach out for help because there is always somebody ready to give you a hand. I wanted to help out and so I started to do my part.

I left the restaurant industry and now offer personalized services for hard working people that need a hand. I aim to give them customizable meal plans and provide them and their families with amazing food. I believe this will make their kitchen time less stressful. I also offer cooking classes and provide tips on menu planning and food preparation. My goal is to reach as many people as possible and to make their dinner time easier and magical.


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