5 Things To Create a More Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Happy Earth Day!

There is always something we can plant on Earth Day right?

Since this year we are spending more time indoors I would like to share 5 things I had incorporate myself to start creating a more Eco Friendly kitchen and be less wasteful. It’s understandable that everyone’s kitchens and lifestyles are different but I’m sure we all can agree that there’s always 1 thing small or big we all can do that can have a big impact in our environment. It’s true that you don’t have to change everything but analyzing your current situation and finding 1 thing you can create a change in is a great start.


Most cities offer recycling with the trash and waste service on a weekly or biweekly schedule. It’s very import to get familiar with your specific area’s recyclable item, since not all recycle companies collect the same items and the majority can end up in the landfills. To solve that I use one of my favorite recycling sites. In there you can find a lot of information about how to and where to recycle those items locally. The site is called Earth911. They also have an app that you can download for quick access for answering questions on recycling specific items. I still find myself going to the app if I’m not sure the item I have is recyclable, so this is an amazing resource to go for reference. 


One of the changes I made is to start composting more seriously, we used to do it all the time but we fell of the wagon. If you find yourself cooking a lot of fresh meals this is a very easy thing you can do to start eliminating waste. In here you will find a lot information on how to get started, what to compost and the benefits of composting. To make composting easier for us we created a collection point on the kitchen counter. In a small compost bin we collect all the kitchen scraps for a few days and then transfer it when it is full to the outdoor compost bin, that way we reach out to that bin instead of the trash.

Better Food Storage

Learning how to properly store your food will give you a big advantage keeping those fresh ingredients lasting longer. Making the extra effort to place your herbs in water or covering you leafy green ingredients in a reusable cloth, will make a big difference and you will find yourself wasting less. You already made the hard work by going to the store and shopping. In here is where those mason jars, reusable cloth, glass containers and produce keeper containers will save your food and money.

Reusable Snack, Sandwich Bags and Beeswax

No more plastic waste, I have to admit we use way too many Ziploc bags in our house for EVERYTHING. One of the switches I made is to slowly change to reusable sandwich and snack bags. Another big one in our household is plastic wrap. I substituted the urge to use plastic wrap by switching to Beeswax. This one was a big change at first. I wasn’t sure how efficient this would be and how many times I get to use it, but after few tries I’m in love with it, I haven’t missed the plastic 😉

For more inspiration about how to cut the use of plastic check here.

Reusable Shopping Bags

This one is so simple you can start on your next trip to the grocery store, NO MORE plastic bags. Many grocery stores sell insulated bags, that you can buy for a few dollars each and it will last you a long time. Also, many stores have a plastic bag recycling drop off bin, where you can bring your plastic bags back. If switching to reusable bags is not your thing you can still make a change by bringing them back to be recycled.

I hope you have a happy Earth Day Everyday and if you have any other tips or ideas feel free to share 🙂

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  1. great ideas !! compost makes for a great garden soil too !! thanks for all the great tips !! and all so very simple to follow

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